Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Organizing Your Common Core Posters

Okay, now that you've got 150+ Common Core standards posters to display in your classroom, how do you organize them?! This was my dilemma over the past couple of days. I wanted an easy way to organize my standards cards that didn't take up much space. I thought about the storage drawers (too bulky), binder clips for each subject (too annoying to clip and unclip each time), and a tub with dividers (too big). While browsing through the office supplies section at Wal-Mart, I found a check expanding file that I thought would be perfect! Today, my goal was to get the posters organized by strand and filed in this organizer. Here is how it turned out:

This is such an easy way to organize all of these posters and it only cost me a couple of bucks! The file that I bought has 12 dividers and it worked out perfectly with each subject and strand. Here's how I organized them:

1. Reading: Literature
2. Reading: Informational
3. Reading: Foundational
4. Writing
5. Speaking and Listening
6. Language
7. Math: OAT (Operations and Algebraic Thinking)
8. Math: NBT (Numbers and Operations in Base Ten)
9. Math: MD (Measurement and Data)
10. Math: G (Geometry)
11. Science
12. Social Studies

If you'd like to learn more about these Common Core "Kid Friendly" posters, click on the pictures below!

1st Grade Common Core Standards Posters- "Kid Friendly"

2nd Grade Common Core Standards Posters- "Kid Friendly"

3rd Grade Common Core Standards Posters- "Kid Friendly"

4th Grade Common Core Standards Posters- "Kid Friendly"



  1. LoL! I am posting about how I organize mine in my post tomorrow! Great minds think alike!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. Hey there, Erin! I just downloaded your AMAZING standard pack for 4th grade and I am so excited to print it out, laminate it, and put it up!! Woohoo! THANKS!

    I've recently discovered your blog (which I love) and I love that we have some things in common... we're both named Erin, and we both teach in room 112 at our school... amazing coincidences. Happy back to school!

    Hoosier Teacher

  3. Hi Erin! I'm your newest follower and I just love your blog. I actually just started my own blog and it has become pretty addicting. Check it out if you have the time:

    Thanks again!