Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 Exciting Things to Share!!

Okay, friends! I am super excited about three things I want to share with you today! =) First up... TpT is having a Back-To-School Sale on August 12th and 13th. That's only 3 days away! TpT is offering a 10% discount on top of the discount that many sellers are offering. I am putting all of my items on sale for 20%. Combined with TpT's offer, you can get 28% off all my items! Just use the code BTS12 when checking out. Click the picture below to see a list of other sellers who are participating in this sale!

This is a great way to stock up on items for the new school year! I know I have many items on my wishlist that I can't wait to purchase. Be sure to start filling yours now! =)

Okay, next up... I am so pumped to use the new 2nd Grade ELA Common Core Vocabulary Cards that I purchased from Jaime at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers! These are amazing!

Each card has the vocabulary term and a picture, diagram, or explanation of each term. I love that the font is bold and colorful- it will really stand out on my new term wall! Here is how I'm planning on using these vocab cards:

1. When we start a new unit of study, I plan on displaying the vocabulary cards that go along with the unit in a pocket chart on my whiteboard.

2. As we learn about each word, I will take the card down to show the kids and explain the picture or explanation. I will then put the card back.

3. Throughout the unit, we will review the words in fun ways such as playing games with them, illustrating the words, etc.

4. At the end of the unit, I will hang the vocabulary words on the term wall in my classroom. They will stay here until the end of the school year.

5. We will continue to review the words on the term wall and encourage students to use the cards if they forget what one of them means.

Want to know the best part about these cards?! They are going to be 28% off in Jaime's store on the 12th and 13th during the Back-To-School sale! Stock up now and get laminating! You will want to have these around for a long time!

And for the third and final thing I'm excited to share... my new "I'm all through, what can I do?" options display!

How many times have you heard your students say, "What do I do when I'm all done?" I know I hear it all the time even though they KNOW what their choices are. This display is an easy way to change their options for what to do when they complete work early. Just print the cards, laminate, and attach a piece of Velcro to the back. Use a long piece of ribbon with Velcro so that you can easily switch out the cards for the choices each day! Choices include (you can use any or all of these- you pick!): read on your own, read with one buddy, write in your journal, play a math game, play a spelling game, practice your math facts, practice your spelling words, do an activity from the quiet choice box, clean your desk, draw a picture, play on the computer, practice your sight words, and a blank card for you to customize. This item will also be 28% off in my TpT store on the 12th and 13th!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

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