Friday, July 27, 2012

Inspiration for My Classroom Decor.... Schoolgirl Style!

Have you heard of Schoolgirl Style? If not, you need to check out this website! The fabulous Melanie Ralbusky has created a classroom decorating site for teachers. It is unbelievable! From banners, paper lanterns, nameplates, and tags, this website has everything you need to set up an adorable classroom.

My favorite theme on her website is the Primary Apple Theme. I mean, how cute is this?!


When I saw this classroom theme, I knew I had to design my classroom with this in mind. I just love the paper lanterns, bright colors, and trees. It is so cozy! I am currently in the process of decorating my room and I love how it is coming together. I will be posting pictures next week of my progress! In the meantime, be sure to stop by Schoolgirl Style and check out her beautiful items!

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  1. OMG I love School Girl Style so much I convinced 5 teachers in my school to decorate thier classrooms School Girl Style. Many of us have changed rooms and grade levels. I have been moved to 2nd grade, which I love! I am not using any of her themes because mine is the ocean and she hasn't done that one yet. However I am using all of her decorating tips. Can't wait to see your room. Check out my blog we will have pictures of all of our friend's rooms when they are completed. We don't go back to school until September.