Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fourth Grade Common Core Posters and Tell Me More Linky!

Calling all fourth grade teachers! I've finally completed the Fourth Grade "Kid Friendly" Common Core Standards Posters. I have had many requests for these and have been working on them for quite some time. I am exited to share them with you!

These 4th grade common core posters are unique due to the fact that the standards cards are two-sided: one side is the exact standard written and coded for your records, the other side is the same standard written in "kid-friendly" language so that your students will be able to understand what it is they will be learning. (NOTE: I've taken great care in trying to preserve the meaning of the standard when I changed it into terms that the students can understand. I kept most verbage the same and used synonyms for more challenging words to help fourth graders understand!)

This document includes ALL standards for Language Arts (reading, writing, language, etc.) and Math.

Also included are subject heading cards for your display, information explaining how to read the coding on each card, and directions on how to print and make the cards. Making the cards is very simple-- you just need to print, cut around the solid black line (but DO NOT cut the line in the middle) and then fold in half. One side will be the "teacher" side and the other is the "kid-friendly" side. Just laminate, if you wish, and display in your classroom to make the learning goals more visible to your students!

Two different options for display include:

#1) On a hanging ribbon- just use velcro to change out the cards each day to align with what you are teaching.

#2) In a pocket chart- these cards will fit in virtually all pocket charts. No need for velcro, just change them out daily!

Check them out... Click {here} to be taken to the link! I hope these posters help you with the new transition to the Common Core!


Okay, on to something a little more fun! I am linking up with the fabulous Amy Lemons to share some quirky facts about myself! If you'd like to join in on the fun, just click the button below to link up!

Alright, here goes:

1. Growing up, I HATED being tall. I am about 5'10" and have recently embraced my height. I always felt like a giant (especially in middle school when the boys were about half my height!) but now I'm beginning to realize that being tall has its perks!

2. I am a Big Brother fanatic! I love the TV show and drop everything to watch it all three days of the week =) Now I don't go as far as watching the live feeds online like some people do, but I'm a pretty devoted fan of the show!

3. I have terrible eyesight! I thank God every day for contact lenses because if I had to wear my glasses, it would not be pretty... ha!

4. My favorite place to be is at my family's lake house at Seneca Lake. I grew up spending my summers on this lake. Three years ago, my husband proposed to me on the cliff at sunset. Ahh... I just love it!

5. I absolutely love reading! My favorite authors include Jodi Piccoult and James Patterson, among many others. This summer, I read a series of books that start with "50"... haha... very interesting reads to say the least!

6. I am a bit of a perfectionist... okay, maybe more than a bit! Since becoming a mom though, I've learned that things aren't always just so. I'm letting things go (you should see my house!) and realizing that those little things don't matter in the grand scheme of life =)

7. My hubby, Brandon, is the love of my life! Every day, I just can't believe how lucky I am to be married to someone so loving, helpful, and funny!

8. Okay, I have two loves of my life-- my son, Grady, is the best thing that ever happened to me. He makes me laugh every day and is such a joy!

Alright, that's it! I know this is the longest post ever so thanks for reading! Be sure to link up with Amy above =)

Have a great Thursday!


  1. What a cutie Grady is. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing about yourself :)

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  2. I just found you through another blog. Come visit us sometime. Your newest follower, Stephanie