Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Best PTO Ever!

Quite possibly, our school has the best PTO ever! Since it's teacher appreciation week, they have different events planned each day of the week for us. Yesterday, they started off with a bang! I walked into my classroom to find my door beautifully decorated with turtles (my favorite animal!) and a sign saying "Thank You, Mrs. Morrison!" Then, we learned about a relaxation room that they put together for us to use during our planning periods, lunch times, after school, etc. This relaxation room has sofas (yes.... they brought in sofas!), massage chairs, end tables, snacks, flowers, magazines, a CD player to listen to music, and much more. We couldn't believe it! I'm a little worried about going in there because I don't think I'll be able to leave! We also were completely amazed with our decorated staff lounge, nacho bar, smoothie machines, and other delicious treats. I am so absolutely grateful for our PTO this year and everything that they do for us. I feel so appreciated and it's only Tuesday!

I hope all of you feel appreciated this week as well! Thanks for all you do for kids =)

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