Monday, August 19, 2013

Take a Peek at My Back to School Sale Purchases! {A Linky Party}

Wow! I just now realized how long it has been since I've posted on this little ole' blog. Between switching grade levels, chasing around a 2 year old, and being 20 weeks pregnant, I decided to take a break from blogging for the summer and try to enjoy all of the new changes in my life! I'm happy to say that I'm back and can't wait to share all about my year in THIRD grade!

This year, I am looping with my second graders from last year and I couldn't be more excited. I had such a fabulous group of kiddos last year and I get to keep them for another year! I usually get so nervous for Meet the Teacher night but last week when we had ours, it felt like a family reunion! It was great to see all of my kids and hear about their summers.

Since I'm switching grade levels, I am in need of a lot of third grade resources. So what did I do? Went a little crazy shopping at the TpT Back to School sale! I wanted to share some of my finds with you and I hope that you link up and share yours too! Here's what I snagged:

This year, I'm using a vocabulary wall to help reinforce all of the new vocabulary terms that we learn in third grade. I've already created math vocabulary cards but just didn't have the time or energy to create the cards for ELA. I went searching on TpT and found this fabulous resource! These cards are going to look great on my vocab wall.

This will be my first year using interactive notebooks in the classroom and I am so excited! Nicole has put a TON of hard work into these notebooks- they are over 100 pages each! I think my students will really like keeping track of everything they are learning in these notebooks. Plus, it will be a great resource for them to refer to throughout the year.
Math Camp-In Grades 3&4 by Math & Science with TLC

I can't believe I haven't discovered this wonderful store until now. If you are looking for Math and Science resources, Math & Science with TLC is the place to go! I'm always looking for ways to make math fun and exciting, and what better way than a Math Camp-In! During a Math Camp-In students hike to math "trail posts" (stations), complete rich mathematical tasks and record ideas in their Camp Journal. The Math Camp-In can be used as a day-long program, a mini-unit in the regular classroom, or as a Family Math Night. How fun!

We've had a lot of training recently about the 8 Mathematical Practices. When I saw this poster set, I knew I had to have it! (Plus, the kid-friendly language on each poster helps ME understand the meaning of each mathematical practice!!)

This product is another great resource for using the 8 Mathematical Practices in the classroom. It includes 18 cubes with questions for your students to answer before, during, and after problem solving. These cubes will help give me the language needed to ask open-ended questions in math!

Okay, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that these task cards are the first that I've purchased from Rachel Lynette. I'm so excited to try them out in the classroom! Understanding shades of meaning is such a tricky thing to teach so these should be a huge help.

Whew.... I think that's it! Link up below and share your goodies from the Back to School sale! I just might have to shop a little more before the sale ends tonight =)


  1. I'll definitely be back to link up. Like you I'm changing grade levels, but I'm going from 2nd to 4th so I picked up a lot of resources. Thanks for hosting!

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