Thursday, April 18, 2013

Acting Out Adverbs!

In the new common core standards, second graders have to be able to use adverbs correctly in their writing. To be honest, I've never taught adverbs before and was a little worried until I found this little gem of a book:

If You Were An Adverb by Michael Dahl
Not only did this book explain adverbs in terms that my kiddos could understand, but it also had some fun follow-up activities at the end. After reading the book, my kids shared some of the adverbs that they heard in the book and we wrote them on a chart.

When the chart was finished, we tried out one of the activities in the back of the book. It was such a blast! The game is basically played like charades- one student goes in the hallway while you tell the rest of the class what the adverb is (example: gracefully). When the student comes back in, he/she calls on one volunteer at a time to act out a verb (the guesser gets to choose the verb they want the volunteer to act out). The volunteer acts out the verb but has to do it using the "mystery" adverb. So for example, if they call on a friend and tell them to dance, the volunteer has to dance gracefully. The guesser has to try and guess which adverb is being acted out. My kids had such a great time playing this game- they BEGGED me to play it the next day during our morning meeting time. It was a fun way to get the kids up and moving and learning at the same time! =)

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