Monday, March 11, 2013

Green Smorgasbord!

This Friday, we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by having a Green Smorgasbord! Each year, we have this celebration and it is always so much fun. The kids are encouraged to bring a treat to share with the class, but the rule is that it has to be GREEN! Some ideas I give them are celery sticks, jello jigglers, pickles, washed grapes, green rice krispy treats, etc. I am always amazed by the creativity that my students' parents put into these snacks. I had a student one year bring green olives and avocado! If you'd like to have a Green Smorgasbord in your classroom, you can download the letter below to send home to your students' families this week. It's FREE so be sure to snatch it up! Enjoy =)

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