Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tell Me Something Good!

What a crazy, busy, and exhausting week this has been! I am trying really hard this year to focus on the positives, both personally and professionally because it's easy to get completely stressed out. When I saw this "Tell Me Something Good" linky, I knew I had to join in! Be sure to check out Rowdy in First Grade's blog and linky. All you have to do is share one positive from home and one positive from school.

My Something Good from school:
I have a FABULOUS group of kiddos this year. They are so stinkin' cute and such sweethearts! Here's a story to illustrate: Yesterday as my students were coming in the classroom, my teammate Casi came in my room and showed me these cute owl pillows that she found to go along with the owl theme in her classroom. I overheard a couple of kids having a conversation that went something like this: "If Mrs. Mathews has an owl theme in her classroom, what is the theme in OUR classroom?" They started looking around the room and all of a sudden, one of my boys said "I know! The theme in here is magical. It's a magical classroom." Oh. My. Goodness. My heart just about melted. There is no magical theme in my room- no castles, knights, etc. But somehow, this one little boy feels like it is. What a sweetheart! =)
My Something Good from home:
I don't have anything too specific because I am so truly blessed in all areas when it comes to my family. My husband is pretty close to perfect and I am so in love with my little boy. He is starting to talk more and I just can't get enough of all his hugs and kisses. I never knew that being a mommy would be this wonderful!
So what are your "Something Goods?" Be sure to link up and share!



  1. Just linked up as well..I love reading and focusing on all the positives from school and home. I am a 2nd grade teacher as well and my babies are just so sweet. I know what you mean! It really makes the difference. Last year I taught 3rd so I definitely wasn't really prepared for how little they are at the beginning of 2nd, but I just love them.

    BTW - You might already have one, but I am hosting a giveaway on my blog. You could win a free, personal laminator! They are amazing! Come check it out if you get the chance! :)

    Sensational Seconds

  2. It's so sweet that the little boy things your classroom is magical. Awwww... Hope you have a great year!
    First Grade Found Me

  3. Hooray for your magical classroom! I love that! So happy you linked up!
    Rowdy in First Grade